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Manufacturing Services


MAKRO AERO is proud of the manufacturing base it has developed throughout the years. Our manufacturing capabilities range from standard products to custom-based projects. Our products enable your company to achieve high efficiency and help you eliminate non-value added steps in the process. We offer innovative products focusing on the needs of industry professionals. We mainly work with steel and aluminum. Our technicians are all certified.

Steel is widely used in all industries due to its stregth and flexibility.  We favor steel in most of the projects if weight is not a prohibitive parameter. Steel’s strength is a great advantage and MAKRO AERO shapes this advantage according to your use.

What makes aluminum preferable as a material is its ability to offer weight savings in structures.  MAKRO AERO designs its stands and docking systems in aluminum and therefore has extensive knowledge in employing aluminum and aluminum welding processes. 

Understanding the needs of the customer is the first step to an efficient manufacturing process. Therefore we proudly proclaim that we first listen and allocate a significant portion of our time to communicate with the customer. Based on our observations this interaction bears fruit and eliminates the need of repetitive re-enginnering patterns.

We believe that a prominent manufacturing service shall highlight the following features

  • Strength in the structure
  • Quality Standards
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Safety
  • Aesthetics
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • On Time & In Budget Delivery
  • Efficiency
  • Easy and cost effective maintenance

We have served companies operating both in the aviation and marine industries. Given the nature of these industries, standards are high and demanding. We are proud of having met the quality standards of both industries for all products and projects we have delivered so far.

MAKRO AERO  offers the following manufacturing services.

  • Aluminum Welded Structures and Modular Productions
  • MRO Tool Design and Production
  • Intra Logistics Equipment Production
  • Steel Construction
  • Tubular Structures
  • Material & Cargo Handling
  • Towers, Self-Supporting Structures and Carriages

With its in-house design capabilities MAKRO AERO is a one-stop shop for your manufacturing needs. Our projects and products display the quality and the features our customers would like to observe.