/ Independent Third-Party Services

Independent Third-Party Services


Independent third party services are more vigorously embraced everyday. Industries need third party services basically under two conditions.

  • When an independent outsider is needed to evaluate and vet the performance of the project/product objectively.
  • When it is decided to outsource a function due to economic or geographical reasons.

MAKRO AERO offers independent third party services which aim to verify and validate that the intended outcome of a project or the end product meets the required specifications and that the project development is pursued according to the initial plan.  We inform the customer throughout the process where we have identified specific actions will make a tangible contribution to the project.

By contracting Independent Third Party Services to MAKRO AERO  you run the benefit of

  • Increased focus on your core competencies
  • Reinvesting your limited sources and your focus on your most productive business areas. As your objectives change your resources stay untied and flexible.
  • Eliminating the need of hiring more employees
  • Accessing to another pool of experts that you do not need to keep in-house
  • Lowering costs
  • Employing an objective outsider to vet the processes

People tend to fall in love with their ideas and concepts. An independent third party can bring an objective stance into the business regarding the viability of a project or a product. It’s not merely a cost-cutting measure but rather targeting efficiency.

MAKRO AERO  offers the following independent third party services to the industry.

  • Site Survey, Inspection and Observation Services
  • Operation and Factory Acceptance Tests
  • Construction & Installation Surveys
  • Assistance and Support Services
  • Regulatory Compliance & Safety Checks
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • In-depth review of the project, technical, planning documents, meeting minutes